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Nice one for that yesterday mate had the best sleep I've had in 2 weeks last night.

Feel great today apart from me arms feel like thay have been run over be a tractor! Sore but good if you get me!
- Stu (Gym Owner)

Saturday 14th of September 2013

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Charles before and after

 Is it worth your while going to see the guys at Myokinetics? For me that question’s a no-brainer: without Myokinetics the before and after pictures here would never have been taken.

Twelve months ago Paul from Myokinetics told me to Google ‘Visceral Fat’ as an explanation for my chronic recurring low back and hip tightness.

That Google search was a wake up call for me that led to a years worth of intense diet and exercise. Along the way I passed my second dan black belt, suffering a serious hamstring / adductor tear in the process. Throughout this time Myokinetics provided advice, support and most importantly the sports massage and injury rehab that I required to make sure that I remained on track to reach my goals.

The before and after pictures shown here illustrate the progress that I’ve made during that time. Thank you Paul, without Myokinetics support I would never have made this journey let alone completed it.

If you do sports or exercise; or if you are suffering from chronic pain – do yourself a favour and get Myokinetics working for you! I did.

Oh and my chronic low back and hip tightness is a thing of the past Smile 


 You weren't lying about the aftermath. Bruised but better thanks. Did the stretches this morning and the arm is so more open...Recommend you anytime! - Edd

Paul, gotta say despite cursing you in pain since my massage. Woke up today with back loose n pain free for 1st time in many years :D Thanks - Lee

Friday morning and I can already feel the difference, no real naggy ache, I am sleeping so well, you are a man of many hidden depths............a wizard in a previous life!!! have magic hands and I cannot sing your praises enough. Thank you so much - Angie

Mate as much like I feel like Mike Tyson has kicked the snot out of me, I definitely feel a lot more mobile and that was by far the best sports massage I've ever had. - Jason

Thanks for the treatment, its all been quite surreal since I saw you! I've felt very spaced out, but strangely relaxed. - Nick

Thanks Paul, your treatments have freed me from constant pain in my back and shoulders - Rod

Whatever you did on Monday mate do again next week. Slept really well all week, no aches or pains and no painkillers. Fingers crossed think it's on the mend. - Stu

Paul, just to let you know there has been a marked improvement in the leg/back/knee in the last couple of days so many thanks again for your good work. Really appreciated. - Andy

Nice one for that yesterday mate had the best sleep I've had in 2 weeks last night. Feel great today apart from me arms feel like thay have been run over be a tractor! Sore but good if you get me! - Stu

Rich is excellent, don't know how I will feel tomorrow but he has done a great job - David

Richard was great and definitely helped. Not as evil as you of course although he did have the terrible idea that you should jab that horrible metal tool in my armpit!! Seriously though yes i was impressed as he seems to know what hes doing, would definitely use him again. - Lou

Paul. Thanks for sorting me out at such short notice! Chris was really good. He listened to me and did a good job. I wld be happy to use Chris again. Thank you! - Andy

Big thanks to Paul! I could barely walk after Chester Half, he managed to get me back in race shape (relatively speaking) in time for Deva. Good work fella! - Simon

 I have a regular, weekly massage from Paul at Myokinetics to help release the tensions and strains of the week. These chill me out and leave me feeling ready for anything that life can throw at me. Cheers Bro! - Gary

I'd like to thank...Paul McAvoy and his colleagues from Myokinetics, who provided the free sports massage service. Again, many people were very impressed with the service, and said so. They worked so hard as well! Again, we hope they'll be back next year. - Andy

Many thanks to you all for Saturday, my legs feel good today - who knew Cheshire had so many hills. - Daniel

Thanks for your help! Felt pretty good after you rebooted me - Steve

Thanks for my massage. I feel great today, like I didn't run 33 miles! - Jessica

thx to @RunHelsby brill organisation & to @MyokineticsPaul for great massage - I can walk again! - Ian
"To everyone at Helsby Running Club who organised this great event. Thanks for the pre-work and the marshalls on the day. Thanks also for the gallons of orange juice, hundreds of jaffa cakes and biscuits and thousands of hula hoops at the check points. To Richard and Paul at Myokinetics Sports Massage who gave a very thorough massage after the event – I can walk again!" - Ian
thanks for sorting my shoulders and glutes out. Much appreciated, can't wait to move back to Chester so as I can get regular treatment - Philip

Preparing for Ironman triathlon is a real challenge Myokinetics have helped enormously. I wouldn't or even couldn't plan an Iron distance racing season without factoring in ongoing support from Myokinetics. Thanks fellas. - Clive

Paul has helped me over the past six months on the run up to Ironman Wales 140.6 (ultra distance triathlon). I don't think I would have made the start line without his expert advice and treatment of a very painful and annoying ITB syndrome issue... Highly recommended... - Chris

Long distance running takes a heavy toll on the legs, hips and calves, but after a rehab session with Paul from Myokinetics, my legs feel like they have springs inside them! Nice One! - Vince

Training as intensely as I have to, you need a good therapist who has the strength to get deep into the muscle tissues and release the knots which can form - reducing both growth, strength and peak performance. Paul at Myokinetics has kept me training at high intensity and has successfully helped rehabilitate some potentially career threatening injuries. - Lukas

I've had ITB issues for some time, Paul did a solid hour of therapy and he's given me a new pair of legs :o) great news coming at the start of the competitive season. - Beth


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