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"To everyone at Helsby Running Club who organised this great event.

Thanks for the pre-work and the marshalls on the day.

Thanks also for the gallons of orange juice, hundreds of jaffa cakes and biscuits and thousands of hula hoops at the check points.

To Richard and Paul at Myokinetics Sports Massage who gave a very thorough massage after the event I can walk again!"
- Ian (Ultra-runner)

Sunday 12th of May 2013

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Meet the team

Paul McGazDavid HillMyo Kelly head1 Rich NewtonMyo EllyJ Moss Head

Paul Mc

Paul McAvoy, the founder of Myokinetics, came to massage therapy quite by chance having decided to take an opportunity to escape the senior managment hamster wheel afforded by the global recession before it was too late!

As it turns out, his over 30 year involvement in exercise and sports, ranging from martial arts and weight lifting to marathon, cycling and triathlon gave him a firm, intuitive and thorough understanding of the body, the muscular system and how it works. Paul, a qualified VTCT Massage Therapist, has worked with bodybuilders, dancers, professional golfers, tri-athletes, martial artists and many more and has seen Myokinetics quickly become a trusted and respected massage therapy service throughout West Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales. The service is currently used by athletes to maintain and improve their performance and by private individuals looking to relieve muscular and myofascial pain.

Clients come to ‘Mr Torture’, as some have called him, because of his ability to get deep into stubborn tissues. While not always the most pleasant experience in the world, in the majority of cases relief from pain and subsequent performance improvement comes within one or two sessions.


Gary Stowell - Gary brings an additional skillset to the Myokinetics arsenal of tools designed to keep you active, moving and healthy! Gary leads on our personal training service which supports the work of Myokinetics therapists through the provision of tailor made rehab and training programmes. These training programmes will specifcially target your mobility, strength and conditioning needs. Using the information provided by your referring therapist, Gary designs a person specific training package to support your rehab needs or identified weaknesses. By working to eliminate these, Gary helps you to help yourself prevent further or recurrent injuries.

Gary currently provides PT services from our Chester Clinic in Saltney.

David Hill

 David Hill- A graduate from Leeds Beckett University with a 2:1 in Sport & Exercise Therapy, David is an accomplished therapist with an array of experience in the industry. He has experience working in numerous Sports Injury and Massage Clinics in Leeds, however has only recently made the move over to Chester to work as the Therapist for the Cheshire Phoenix Basketball team, alongside running his own massage clinic at the University of Chester. Having joined the team here at Myokinetics, David will be working from the Saltney Clinic in Chester providing sports massage and offering injury prevention and rehabilitation tips to all those that need it.

Much like the rest of the team, David has a huge passion for Sport and fitness. Having played both Rugby and Cricket since a junior, he also has a very keen interest in Football and Basketball. More recently he has become involved in Cycling, something which has seen him ride the 1000-mile trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

David currently provides the Thursday-Sunday portion of our sports massage services at our Saltney Clinic in Chester.

Myo Kelly head1Kelly Kemp- Myokinetics Diet and Nutrition expert has the following to say about her approach and the results speak for themselves:

"My approach to nutrition is to build an individual platform for each client that tailors their nutrition to their needs and goals.  My ethos for nutrition is to help my clients master their metabolism, to make their metabolism work for them instead of against them. I do not advocate short term or quick fix “transformation” diets, the problem with these “diets” is that they don’t manage your hunger, they may compromise your health, may cause nutrient deficiencies and they do not work in the long term. Quick fixes or diets of exclusion cause your metabolic rate to diminish, when you finally give up the diet, you’ll gain all of the weight back and probably more.

Any “guru” can recommend a low-calorie diet that will work in the short term. My aim for each client is to construct a dietary lifestyle change that creates fat loss, restores metabolic health and will work in the long-term."

Rich Newton

Richard Newton- Currently also working on their strength & conditioning with Chester Gladiators Rugby League Football Club, Rich graduated Bangor university with a 2:1 Bachelors in Sports, Health and exercise science and is currently working his way through an MSc in sports science at the University of Chester.

A passionate advocate of healthy living and a fan of almost every sport know to human kind, he has worked with people across all levels of ability and standards, from strength and conditioning work with Warrington Wolves academy players to improving fitness levels with university Quidditch Teams. If you want to progress, whatever your goals, Richwill be happy to help you move forward. Everyone knows (roughly) how to train, but most people don't know what their body NEEDS to train.

Rich will help you to learn and understand the weaknesses and limitations of your body, and then train you to move beyond them. His goals are more than performance, key components of Rich's approach include achieving and maintaining health, physical well-being and ultimately happiness with yourself.

Myo Elly Elly Hudson- with a competitive streak that has included swimming at an international level for both Cheshire and Wales, and now includes Bikini Fitness across Europe at the likes of the Arnold Classis in Madrid and Barcelona; and with appearances in Flex magazine, Elly knows all there is to know about the rigours of body transformation through diet and exercise. She is currently augmenting her first hand experience while completing a fitness and health degree.

Elly ascribes to the lifestyle approach to health and fitness - training and eating may have a competitive goal but it is also a way of life. As she continues to build her knowledge base to help her competitively, she passes on this learning to her clients to ensure that they make the best progress appropriate to their goals and their genetic and physical capabilities.

Elly provides female only boot camps and 1-2-1 PT sessions for Myokinetics. You can stay in touch with Elly on Facebook (Elly Hudson/ Elly Hudson Bikini Athlete), twitter (Ellyprincess90), and instagram (Elly_Hudsonukbff)

J Moss Head Jamie Moss is Myokinetics Boxing and CV coach. Jamie provides a comprehensive 1-2-1 boxing training and coaching service for Myokinetics. Sessions incorporate circuit, cardiovascular and strength training with technique work specifically for your current abilities and designed for your particular goals – whether they be simply to get a good boxing style workout or preparation for a title fight!

Jamie is a fully qualified AIBA (International Boxing Association) coach and a REPS level 3 personal trainer. Beyond his qualifications Jamie has boxed for Wales at an International level and has been awarded National honours for his work as a coach and his performance as a boxer.

Like most of our team, Jamie has a long history of participation in sports and prior to coming to boxing played competitive football for 15 years before injury forced him to leave the sport for boxing, where he discovered that hitting people was also a lot of fun!


Check out our 'Feedback' page for an idea of the impact Myokinetics Therapists can have on your recovery, injury rehab and sporting performance.


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