Sports Massage

Deep tissue sports massage therapy

Available in 30, 45 & 60min slots for injury rehab, recovery and general maintenance. Also useful for any chronically painful & over-used or over-worked muscles - low back, neck & shoulder, hip etc



Deep tissue through suction

A 60 or 45 min combined dry cupping and massage treatment for even better results designed to aid soft tissue repair, reduce pain or discomfort and help you feel brand new


Pregnancy Massage

Make time for you before you becomes two

Pregnancy massage can help alleviate many symptoms and conditions associated with pregnancy and helps prepare the body for the changes that lie ahead, promoting a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth and recovery. Available in 60 & 45 min slots


Neurokinetic Therapy

Fix the movement fix the problem

neurokinetic therapy is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing. It is designed specifically to identify and treat faulty motor movement patterns that cause tension and pain within the body. Available in 60 min slots

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Pain & Injury Assessments

Find the fault, fix the fault

We provide a 90 minute full & 60 min basic assessement, with 30 min follow up sessions. You assessment will help you to understand what is hurting, why it's hurting and will provide information on what you need to do in order to move out of pain. The basic screen differs from the full one in that we will not coach you through your rehabilitation programme.


Both screens involve taking a history, conducting movement & muscle strength tests and the provision of initial treatment where appropriate. You will also be advised on the types of rehab exercises that we would recommend specifically for you & your injury. 

Please note that in order for this service to address your pain and injury it is expected that you will commit to a short period of intense home or gym based rehab (from 2-4 weeks) followed by a longer less intense programme designed to instil good body maintenance habits to ensure you have a healthy happy body long into the future!


Personal Training

Get fit, stay fit

A 60 min personal training session focused on helping you to achieve the goals and results that you want from exercise and to do so in a manner that will also ensure long term physical health and well-being.

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Unlearn your bad habits

A 60 min coaching session designed for those who are confident about training on their own but need input to either eliminate nagging injuries or to identify weaknesses in their training style that are leading to stagnation, lack of improvement or worsening performance.

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Movement & Performance Screeen

Find & fix your faults before they find you

Completing our comprehensive functional performance screen will take approximately one hour and involves approx 80 tests. The screen comprises postural & movement analysis, strength and range of motion testing, and balance & co-ordination checks to provide a full picture of your ability to move efficiently and effectively.

Your raw data will be analysed after the session to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your weaknesses - whether these be isolated elements such as flexibility, stability or strength or, more likely, functional motor control patterns. You will be provided with access to all your raw and analysed data, a summary report of findings and a free follow up debrief session with your assessor to help you make sense of the findings.