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Yoga for Men


60 minutes



45 minutes

30 minutes


Every Thursday at 6pm our men (and friend)'s yoga classes are designed to be physically challenging, emphasizing core-strengthening exercises and poses, muscle-toning and cardiovascular work.

Although key aspects of yoga, like mental and spiritual balance are still an aspect of the class, the aim is to utilize your strengths while gradually eliminating your weaknesses.

Therefore, as some men and hard-core athletes have less flexibility than typical yogis, our classes offers modifications of yoga poses so that participants don't feel like they have to reach certain standards of flexibility, like touching their toes.

Based on Vinyasa style yoga, our classes feature a regular taught structure that enables students to develop and improve their mobility, flexibility and co-ordination over time through repetition. This is coupled with a gradual progression from basic moves to increasingly more challenging positions as and when the student feels ready to move on.

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