Meet The Team

Gary Stowell

Sports Therapist & PT

Paul McAvoy

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The Boss

Kelly Kemp

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Jenni Potter

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Personal Trainer


Melanie Nicholson

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Gary Stowell:

 Gary brings an additional skillset to the Myokinetics arsenal of tools designed to keep you active, moving and healthy! Gary leads on our personal training service which supports the work of Myokinetics therapists through the provision of tailor made rehab and training programmes. These training programmes will specifically target your mobility, strength and conditioning needs. He also delivers sports  massage and holistic therapies with a range of pressures from feather light to elephant heavy!


Using the information provided by your referring therapist, Gary designs a person specific training package to support your rehab needs or identified weaknesses. By working to eliminate these, Gary helps you to help yourself prevent further or recurrent injuries.

Paul McAvoy: 

the founder of Myokinetics, came to massage therapy quite by chance having decided to take an opportunity to escape the senior managment hamster wheel afforded by the global recession before it was too late! He provides sports massage, relaxation massage and our injury assessment services. If you're nice to him he may also help you set up an effective training and lifting programme based on keeping you fit and active over the long term rather than having big biceps...

Having come to massage by accident it turns out, his over 30 year involvement in exercise and sports, ranging from martial arts and weight lifting to marathon, cycling and triathlon gave him a firm, intuitive and thorough understanding of the body, the muscular system and how it works. Paul, a qualified VTCT Massage Therapist, has worked with bodybuilders, dancers, professional golfers, tri-athletes, martial artists and many more and has seen Myokinetics quickly become a trusted and respected massage therapy service throughout West Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales. The service is currently used by athletes to maintain and improve their performance and by private individuals looking to relieve muscular and myofascial pain.

Clients come to ‘Mr Torture’, as some have called him, because of his ability to get deep into stubborn tissues. While not always the most pleasant experience in the world, in the majority of cases relief from pain and subsequent performance improvement comes within one or two sessions.

Kelly Kemp:

Myokinetics Diet and Nutrition expert has the following to say about her approach and the results speak for themselves:

"My approach to nutrition is to build an individual platform for each client that tailors their nutrition to their needs and goals.  My ethos for nutrition is to help my clients master their metabolism, to make their metabolism work for them instead of against them. I do not advocate short term or quick fix “transformation” diets, the problem with these “diets” is that they don’t manage your hunger, they may compromise your health, may cause nutrient deficiencies and they do not work in the long term. Quick fixes or diets of exclusion cause your metabolic rate to diminish, when you finally give up the diet, you’ll gain all of the weight back and probably more.

Any “guru” can recommend a low-calorie diet that will work in the short term. My aim for each client is to construct a dietary lifestyle change that creates fat loss, restores metabolic health and will work in the long-term."

Jenni Potter:

Bored of the same routine and the same gym style? Jenni's probably got what it takes to fix that!


With an extensive background in Crossfit and British Olympic Weight lifting she joined Myokinetics to spice things up and enable genuine progression in aspiring athletes and those wanting to get fit and learn new skills! It's proven that learning new skills encourages progress in areas far removed from the skill itself and has benefits that are far greater for health and well being than sticking to the same old routine day in and day out.


So why not learn how to olympic lift or use fitness workouts and gymnastics to reach your goals? Jenni has been competing and training in Crossfit for 6 years and coaching both Crossfit and British Weightlifting for over 4 years. She can help you to reach your goals with 1-2-1 personal training sessions where you can learn new skills across the board, or feel free to book specific sessions for specific skills (such as how to snatch or clean and jerk).

With a  £20 taster and meet & greet session special offer don't hesitate to drop her a line!

Melanie Nicholson

Mel currently provides our myofacial cupping therapy. She also provides pregnancy massage, sports massage and other holistic services and like all of the Myokinetics team has had a long history working in the sports and fitness industry. 

She has first hand experience of the epic highs and crushing lows that the fitness lifestyle can bring. Mel began her journey with pole dancing as a means of combating a sedentary lifestyle (with all its attendant issues) and she soon found that she loved those fitness feels! In fact she loved them so much that her new skills, and increasing fitness and strength levels, soon saw her teaching pole dancing, and becoming a regular at her local muscle shop (AKA gym). In the same way that she excelled at Pole, her gym experience led to her also qualifying as a personal trainer. Having been the gym ‘noob’ to gaining her PT qualification, Mel knows that the journey to health and fitness can be tough. But it soon got tougher. 

A serious spinal injury saw her having to stop pole, gym and PT work and focus exclusively on rehabilitating herself from injury. With her desire to continue her health and fitness journey as strong as ever, this set-back led Mel to explore in greater depth the rehabilitation side of the industry and, thankfully for us, led to Mel qualifying as a level 4 sports massage therapist, with specialisms in cupping and pregnancy massage. This last perhaps no surprise as she has also worked within the NHS for the last 9 years in maternity. 

Mel, not surprisingly, has a deep intuitive understanding of the nature of injuries and chronic pain and uses this knowledge and understanding to guide her in the therapies that she uses and provides at Myokinetics. She’ll have you on your feet in no time!



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