finding & fixing your flaws

We offer a range of services for sports people and the general public to maintain your performance and to fix you when your body fails. All of our services are guided by our movement based philosophy. Not only will we fix you, but we'll help to educate you so that you can maintain yourself without having to rely on never-ending repeat bookings. 

sports massage, injury assessment, rock tape, dry needling, movement analysis & remedial personal training

We also provide a range of holistic services to improve well-being, physical and mental health. Using a body focused approach to stress, our therapists can identify and release physical, mental and emotional blocks in the body resulting in a fantastic feeling of relaxation, contentment and peace. All but guaranteeing the best sleep of your life. 

relaxation massage, cupping, pregnancy massag








getting you fit and keeping you fit

We are hesitant to say we do personal training because while we do train you to get fit and stay fit, our ethos is more specifically coaching and fitness instruction. Our coaches are also schooled in Myokinetic's movement based philosophy. They will ensure that you learn how to train properly, move efficiently and maximise the results of every workout. Your training programmes will be designed to meet your goals and to ensure that you lay the foundations for a happy, healthy you.

We also provide 1-2-1 self defence and martial arts coaching for those who want to get fit and learn how to handle themselves should the worst happen.



join our fitfam and train for lifetime fitness

Tired of big, impersonal corporate clubs, or small it's my way or the highway spit and sawdust facilities with questionable hygiene standards? MyoGym offers the ultimate home or small gym experience.


We provide you with all the facilities you need, the flexibility you want, and the freedom to choose when and how long you train. With 24/7 access, a shared group calendar and a community chat group you can meet and train with like-minded folk who want to train in a clean, tidy mutually supportive gym where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  You will also have direct contact with the Myokinetics team for advice, guidance and a say in how the gym operates, develops and grows.

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