welcome to myogym:

 invitation only private members gym


your people, your place, your gym

You've tried commercial gyms, maybe even a spit and sawdust place or two. They've all changed. And not for the better. In most you can't lift a dumbell for the poseurs, more interested in recording instavids than in training for health and fitness.


If that scene bores you, if it irritates or intimidates you, then we've got your back. MyoGym has been established as your perfect gym getaway. A place for you and people like you who just want to train.

Who want to get fit, get healthy and to enjoy what you do - quietly getting the work done. Making and seeing the changes that you want to see without the need to seek praise for your every effort on social media. 

The best gym you'll ever find is your gym. The one where the only folk there are people you want to be around, where the equipment is cleaned and looked after, where you can use it for as long as you want, and where you can get advice and guidance if you want to change things up. This is MyoGym - leave your smartphone on silent and come on in.


MyoGym is a gym for all ages and abilities, strictly limited to a select few. At MyoGym you can train with other people all of whom have been invited to join because they're decent, respectful and friendly. We've got the equipment, we keep it clean, we only let good people in, and why is that? Because it's our gym too. We train here and we want the ultimate gym experience with no nonsense.


Facilities overview: 24/7 access; dedicated online calendar to book the sessions you want for however long you want; WhatsApp info and members chat group; dedicated weights, cardio and stretching areas and more. 

The place is cool, the members are cool. That's basically all you need to know - and if you want to join you'll need to be vetted and sponsored by a gym member or a member of the team. 

So if you fancy joining drop us a line, come down and we can get you started.


(fees £40pcm due on the 1st of the month)