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Pain & Injury Assessment (60 Mins)


90 minutes



60 minutes

30 minutes


Our basic Pain & Injury Assessment will help you to understand what is hurting, why it's hurting and will provide information on what you need to do in order to move out of pain. It is primarily a diagnostic and educational service and differs from our full screen in that we will not spend time coaching you through your rehabilitation programme. Unless you are a trained physical therapist or similar, it is highly recommended that you book a complete screen or a 30 minute follow up coaching session so that we can ensure that you are performing your rehab properly.

During this hour long assessment we will take a history from you of your pain/injury and any relevant other factors. We will also assess the current impact of your pain/injury on your health and well-being.

A range of movement screens and muscle strength tests will also be conducted and we will provide initial treatment where appropriate. You will be advised on the types of rehab exercises that we would recommend specifically for you & your injury.

Please note that in order for this service to address your pain and injury it is expected that you will commit to a short period of intense home or gym based rehab (from 2-4 weeks) followed by a longer less intense programme designed to instil good body maintenance habits to ensure you have a healthy happy body long into the future!

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