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Perfomance & Movement Screen


60 minutes



45 minutes

30 minutes


Find & fix your faults before they find you.

Completing our comprehensive functional performance screen will take approximately one hour of your time, involves around 80 tests, and requires approximately 4 hours of analysis. The screen comprises postural & movement analysis, strength and range of motion testing, and balance & co-ordination checks to provide a full picture of your ability to move efficiently and effectively.

We use a combination of photographic and video analysis; and manual muscle strength and range of motion testing in order to identify movement dysfunctions, strength imbalances, and mobility restrictions that are responsible for overuse injuries, performance plateaus and recurring aches and pains that you are unable to shake.

Your raw data will be analysed by your screener after the session to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your weaknesses - whether these be isolated elements such as flexibility, stability or strength or, more likely, functional motor control patterns.

You will be provided with access to all of your raw and analysed data, a report of findings and a free follow up debrief session with your assessor to help you make sense of the findings.

Armed with this information you will be able to make sense of any performance issues or recurring niggles and injuries that may be hindering your training or impacting on your daily life.

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