Work with it! (Your life that is)

an athlete sprinting

'It's been a tough week so far, loads of clients. Some really busy, hectic classes, and having to take time out to see family hasn't helped my head any! With all that my body's feeling it. I've got a crick in my neck that runs down into my scapula. My dodgy hip has decided it wants to say hello (ffs!) and my knees are creaking like an ancient oak forest in a storm!

To top it all off it's peak week in my four weekly training cycle so I've got to give all I've got and get an improvement over my previous cycle's max efforts. This week is going to get even tougher'

Does any of this ring true? If you're an age grouper (i.e. non-professional athlete) some version of this internal dialogue will ring bells with you. This is my description of one of the most insidious traps that afflicts those of us who take training seriously. It's called short-sighted thinking. And I'll bet if you're not doing it now, you've done it before and there's a very good chance you'll do it in the future.

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