Meet- Kel Kemp our Nutritionist come 'Diet Dissector'

In the first of an irregular series of blogs we're going to introduce you to the team here at Myokinetics. We've asked each of these wonderful people to answer the same 10 questions on a range of diverse topics in an effort to give you an insight into how they tick.

So without further ado, can we introduce to you Kel Kemp who is our nutritional generalissimo!

Q1. Hi Kel! Nice to talk to you and thanks for your time. To start with can you tell us where you were born?

No worries! I was born third place to two older and much bigger brothers. In fact, my birth was the first, and very likely the last, best thing I ever did for my mother, at less than 6lbs my 10+lbs brothers made the job rather easy.

Oh yeah, this moment of greatness occurred in Auckland New Zealand. I am not Australian thank you very much for not asking.

Q2. What would you say is your most grandiose sporting achievement?

Stepping back on to the bodybuilding stage as a bikini competitor one year after giving birth to my daughter and taking 4th place could be up there. However I think my best moment occurred when I was about 12 years old after a family portrait session where I accidentally (on purpose) kicked my shoe off and said shoe smacked my brother clean square in the back of his head.

That in itself was a triumph of aim however, he in turn gave chase, and in the ensuing sprint I hurdled the neighbours 4 foot fence an