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We're upping our game!

Get to know our new pricing structures for personal training and small group training here! We've given you more variety in training options depending on your abilities and goals. And we've done away with the 30 minute session since at Bronze level you can get an hour for £5 extra. It's a steal.

Check them out and get booking. Next year's beach body starts now ;)

Personal Training Bronze (60 mins) £25

To get you moving and keep you going!

At bronze level personal training you will be new to exercise or returning after a lay off, you will simply want to get fit and workout, and you’re happy to be told what to do! Turn up and train with one of our professional PT’s. They will make sure that you get a great workout blending cardio, mobility, and strength training to get you fit, healthy and ready for action! Ideal if you want 3+ sessions per week.

Personal Training Silver (60 mins) £32.50

For focused results!

At silver level, you will have a specific goal that you’re working towards and you will be exercising consistently in your own time. Your PT will assess your existing training, review your goals and structure a training programme specifically tailored towards these goals that will include basic nutrition advice and guidance and incorporate your external training sessions. Ideal if you want 1-3 sessions per week

Personal Training Gold (60 mins) £50

Peak performance: be the best

At gold level, you will have clearly defined goals, you will understand what you want to achieve, but you may not know the best way to achieve it. You will have experience of exercise and reasonable mobility / flexibility. You will also be motivated enough, and can be relied upon, to train on your own. You may have recurrent niggles or injuries that interfere with your training.

Personal training at gold level, focuses on teaching excellence in technical skills. Your PT will devise a comprehensive training plan that works towards your specific goals and will probably include prehab/rehab exercises to eliminate the causes of those recurrent niggles / injuries! Having been shown your routines and coached in there performance, you will be expected to train in your own time. Ideal for those who want to train on their own, can be relied upon to do so safely, and will only need to be seen fortnightly or monthly for progress review against goals, training plan adjustment, and technical coaching.

Micro Group Personal Training (2 to 4) £20pp

Share the burn!

We also offer personal training for small groups of friends or sporting buddies. Going on a group holiday? Got a wedding to prepare for? Play the same sport and need sport specific training? If you share the same goals then why not share the same PT? Your training will be designed for your group and what better way to get fit than to share both the pain and the cost?! :)

Small Group Personal Training (5-6) £15pp

It still hurts even though there are more of us…

Just the same as micro group PT but for slighty larger groups at a reduced cost. You PT will assess each of the groups individual capabilities and design a training programme geared towards your goals that includes progressions to accommodate those with greater (or lesser) fitness abilities.

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