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Meet- Richard Newton Personal Trainer a.k.a 'Get it f'in done' Newton

Next up in our irregular series of blogs we're going to introduce you to the next member of the team here at Myokinetics. We've asked each of these wonderful people to answer the same 10 questions on a range of diverse topics in an effort to give you an insight into how they tick.

So, without further ado, can we introduce to you Mr Rich Newton who is the personal training equivalent of Paul Mc's Mr Torture. You want to work hard, possibly harder than you thought possible? Well in that case Rich is the man for you then!

Q1. Hi Rich! Nice to talk to you and thanks for your time. To start with can you tell us where you were born?

My warranty says I was assembled somewhere in South Yorkshire, no one is sure when as they were in the middle of moving the clocks forward.

Q2. What would you say is your most grandiose sporting achievement?

Most grandiose sporting achievement? Beating a Kenyan in a half marathon, all it took was being faster than him after I took the wheels off his chair.

Q3. What is your favourite Sunday dinner?

Cooked meat and fermentation of hops.

Q4. You can invite three guests (anyone, dead or alive) to lunch, who is lunching with you?

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Welshman, because I imagine it'll be a laugh.

Q5. How many and what injuries have you endured?

I got my feelings hurt once by a particularly unfriendly elastic resistance band.

Q6. Your most embarrassing drinking story that you have personally experienced?

During my early years coming to terms with drinking alcohol, whilst in a restaurant, I couldn't help but drink vodka from a brandy glass. Who does that? It was at this point that I went for help with my drinking.

Q7. Favourite holiday destination?

There and back again.

Q8. Your most loved or supported sports team or sport?

Tiddlywinks gets me oiled up and ready for a good time.

Q9. You have to give up meat or dairy, which one?

Dairy of course, have to kill cows for a good steak.

Q10. What is your Porn Star name? Take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you lived on when born = Porn Star Name

Ginger square.

And finally can you tell us a little about Rich Newton professional personal trainer, if you would...

Okily dokily, I am satirical about the nonsense that floats round and around the exercise and fitness industry, like turds in the toilet bowl. And just like turds in the toilet, just when things look to have been cleaned up a bit, another load of bullsh8t comes splashing right along. It's enough to make a grown man weep.

Apart from that, I'm serious about getting the right results, the right way and I love what I do. Everything is individualised, and tailor made, you'll get no cookie cutter programs here. When I work with clients I work towards helping them change not just their abilities and/shape but the habits that will help them to keep and maintain the changes that they have made.

Book your consultation here: https://www.myokinetics.co.uk/

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