The secret of eternal youth: peak performance, injuries and ageing.

the elixir of eternal youth

The elixir of eternal youth: it's been sought ever since humanity succeeded in surviving beyond the age of about 30. The modern world is filled with lotions and potions, pills and shills all promising just this. And surely at some point genetic research will succeed in halting the ageing process. What a ghastly nightmare world that will be. A world filled with neurotically immature adult homo sapiens possessed principally with the fatuous and narcissistic desire to look good forever. Can't wait. Selfy central #stayoung4eva

Like most things in life, both the reality of a thing and the means of obtaining it are (1) different from the promises made for them and (2) require more hard work and discipline than the majority of pasty faced humans possess. This article is aimed at those who possess the discipline to consistently participate at a reasonably high level in a sport (or sports) for a continuous period of time. In other words those who train hard and understand that it requires hard work in order to accomplish anything in life.

This article is also for you if you are an older, ageing athlete, and this can mean many things - for a gymnast or ballerina you could be in your mid to late 20's, for a bodybuilder maybe in your 30's, or you could be an age grouper competing at regional or national level in your 40's or 50's. Whatever 'ageing' means to you, this article will hold true.