Cupping an ancient tool for modern times


Those who follow us on facebook will by now be aware that a new therapist has joined the ranks at Myokinetics. Melanie Nicholson, who brings a range of skills that have been refined by her own experiences of recovery from serious injury (a shared experience in common with all of our best therapists and PT's), also offers a service made famous across the therapy world by famous blotchy American swimmers (see below): cupping.

Before we offered this newly popularised ancient treatment to all and sundry it was agreed that one of the team should undergo a treatment. And, with a niggly naggly calf that was just crying out for some TLC, I volunteered for the assignment. Below is my account of what I learned about cupping and my experience of the treatment. If you have aches and pains in bits of your body that you use alot, and you think cupping might be worth a go, then read on!

So what is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient therapy that has been around for approximately one gazillion years. Or perhaps not quite that long, but it's earliest recorded use is 1,550 BC, so it h