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You need a Jen find out why here! Meet Jenni Potter our newest coach.

Bored of the same routine? Been lifting the same way for years? Feel like you're going nowhere fast, and even going nowhere do you get the sneaking suspicion that you're never going to get there? We know what it's like. This wasn't the promise made in flex magazine, men's health, zumba monthly or spin quarterly (some of those are made up names btw). Indeed, those gainz, that six pack they came for a bit, they hung around for a month or two and then slowwwwwly, ever so slowly they seeped and ebbed away. Keep going you thought, because it worked once, It'll work again.

But here's the kicker. It doesn't work, it was never going to work in the long term and it's not going to work in the future. There's a saying about insanity which may be appropos:

'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'.

And yet...and yet... here you are, months or years into a repetitive cycle of chasing results made in your early to mid teens or twenties with progressively less and less to show.

You might think it's age. It's not age. It's boredom. Your body is stone cold bored doing the same thing in slightly different ways over and over and over again. Look around you at your colleagues, the fitness class and gym room warriors around you - ask yourself this - how many of these have made any progress at all in the last year? Or two? How many are nursing niggling injuries that just won't go away? There's more than a few aren't there. And you're probably one of them. It's depressing innit?

But don't fret you're wee heart, we've got the answer.

And what is the answer you cry?

Well here's the answer:

Jenni Potter

It's simple, you need a Jen. Every gym needs one, and here at Myokinetics we're absolutely thrilled to have managed to bag the best Jen in the area!

Can we introduce you to Ms Jenni Potter - she's probably got what it takes to fix the crushing repetitive staleness and boredom of your current weight training or fitness routines. So much so that you'll reach ever greater physical feats of prowess that will make the gainz of your youth seem trivial and insignificant by comparison.

Really you say? A trifle unconvinced. In which case we'd ask you to have a closer look at Jen's gallery above - that's her you see, she's the one doing all those physically fit and active things. Not only that, she's doing them in competition. And she's been doing them in competition for about 6 years. What have you done? Oh yeah, a 4 plate deadlift that pulled your back out 15 years ago in the gym that no-body saw. Or a 4hr30 marathon where you ruptured your achilles. Well done.

So what's so special about our Jen? Well thanks for asking, Jen has an extensive background in Crossfit and British Olympic Weight lifting. She joined Myokinetics to spice things up and enable genuine progression in aspiring athletes and those wanting to get fit and learn new skills! Jen has been competing and training in Crossfit for 6 years and coaching both Crossfit and British Weightlifting for over 4 years.

It's proven that learning new skills encourages progress in areas far removed from the skill itself and has benefits that are far greater for health and well being than sticking to the same old routine day in and day out (here's where you can become a better, fitter, healthier, stronger and more mobile version of your 18 or 20-something year old self).

So why not learn how to olympic lift or use fitness workouts and gymnastics to reach your goals? Our Jen will help you to reach your goals with 1-2-1 personal training sessions where you can learn new skills across the board, or you can book specific sessions to learn and improve specific skills (such as how to snatch, clean and jerk, handstand push up etc etc).

Jen's offering a £20 taster and meet & greet session special offer so don't hesitate to drop her a line! If you want to know more email Jen here

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