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Steph Hanson

Functional Rehab Specialist Trainee

Steph Hanson – One of Myo’s two Functional Rehab Specialist Trainees!

Steph is an expert personal trainer with 6 years of PT and online coaching experience. As a certified Pre and Post Natal fitness expert, she prioritizes safety during pregnancy and post-partum.

Alongside her 17 years background of gym and strength training, Steph has a deep understanding of the human body. Her previous sporting experience includes cross country running and women's hockey.

Steph's infectious energy and passion are fueled by her caffeine addiction, and her experience of overcoming injury due to musculoskeletal imbalances and faulty coaching from her early years of training drives her desire to help others on their own rehabilitation paths.

As an aspiring Functional Rehab Specialist Trainee, Steph is committed to personalized support. Join her journey and experience her dedication to your well-being and success!

Steph Hanson
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