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​Myokinetics Ltd Operational Statement on Coronavirus 

We're open? No, We're closed. No, now we're open again. No not quite, we're f***ing closed again. Frankly we've had enough but it seems that we are approaching the end of this which is frankly good news. In line with National and Regional Government guidelines we are now open. Please note that when we are open, we will at all times be operating in line with national government guidance. 


Please note that we have PPE in place and clients will be expected to have temperature tested prior to entry to the facility via non-touch infrared temperature measurement. Treatment areas are deep cleaned with alcohol based cleaners between every appointment. Please wait outside the clinic until the time of your appointment - your therapist will come outside to meet, greet, take temperature and escort you onto the premises.  


If you have any queries or questions please contact us for further information.


Paul, Gary and the team. 

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