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Meet- Gary Stowell Principal Personal Trainer a.k.a 'Gaz’

Next up in our irregular series of blogs we're going to introduce you to the next member of the team here at Myokinetics. We've asked each of these wonderful people to answer the same 10 questions on a range of diverse topics in an effort to give you an insight into how they tick.

So, without further ado, can we introduce to you Gaz who is our Resident Muscle Mechanic!

Q1. Hi Gaz! Nice to talk to you and thanks for your time. To start with can you tell us where you were born?

A hospital, I know crazy story this. I am a local to the North West, born and bred in and around Chester!

Q2. What would you say is your most grandiose sporting achievement?

Most people who know me are aware of my involvement in martial arts and weight training. I don’t feel I have yet to reach my most grandiose moment, but I am currently training for the day that every father of a daughter knows must come, when they bring home their first boyfriend, and as a father to three beautiful girls I’m going to get to know that day very well indeed! Woe betide any who cross my daughters – not only will they have me to deal with, they’ll have the girls ‘n all!

Q3. What is your favourite Sunday dinner?

Unlike my fellow Myokinetics team mates, Paul and Kel, I am a massive fan of the British Sunday Roast Dinner. I say, give me ALL THE MEAT and all the Roasties (yes, all of them) and heap on the mash, the green sh1t you can keep if I’m honest but make sure there’s plenty of gravy and keep it separate…. I control the gravy and what it touches!

Q4. You can invite three guests (anyone, dead or alive) to lunch, who is lunching with you?

Persons 1 and 2 would definitely be my Wife and my Nan. I’m a family man and I enjoy spending time with family but for the third, since I can’t have my three girls with me, I’d have to invite round Iron Mike Tyson.

There’s a man who’s had to roll with life’s punches and I’d be keen to hear what helped him get to the top, and what helped him get back up when life put him on the canvas. I’m pretty sure he won’t pull any punches and so long as the only chewing ears off is metaphorical I’m pretty sure we’d have a cracking night!

Q5. How many and what injuries have you endured?

Here are a few x-rays of various bits. Lets just say I do ok without my Spleen!

Q6. Your most embarrassing drinking story that you have personally experienced?

I actually don’t drink, I’ve not had many nights where I would be able to recount a tall tale of drunk and disorderly behaviour, but one night I very embarrassingly ended up being sick in my mother and father in laws bath. Their looks the following day were worse than the hangover. I really don’t like drinking at all!

Q7. Favourite holiday destination?

Mexico. I’m a sucker for sun, beaches, long haul flights (they help me to switch off from work mode and get me chilled out to the max even before the holiday proper starts) and the food is amazing! I am notoriously picky with food and even so, I always find something to tickle my taste buds in Mexico.

Q8. Your most loved or supported sports team or sport?

Team sports I’m 100% Manchester United all the way, and as for individual sports you won’t find me happier than when I’m watching any full contact combat sport. Anything mano-a-mano and I’m there: Boxing, Karate, MMA (ufc), you name it I’m there!

Q9. You have to give up meat or dairy, which one?

Dairy. I’ve got about 20 filled Nando’s loyalty cards and I’m not about to give those up anytime soon!

Q10. What is your Porn Star name? Take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you lived on when born = Porn Star Name

Munchy Nook. Work that one out folks :)

And finally can you tell us a little about Gary Stowell professional personal trainer, if you would...

I’m the guy other PT’s need to see. There’s too much dross in the world of personal training. Neither being genetically gifted nor having an armful of qualifications makes you a decent personal trainer. In fact, it can make you worse. In both cases there are foundational skills that clients need to have mastered before they have any right lifting weights.

That’s where my particular skillset comes in. I’ve had to teach myself how to walk again after a couple of those particularly nasty accidents. When your pelvis is shattered, or you’ve got a foot pointing in the opposite direction to the rest of you, you’ve got to put a bit of work in to get back to optimal functioning.

I ensure that folks know how to move, then, when they know how to move, I ensure that they know how to lift. We don’t see anyone else teaching this stuff – and that’s why we find folks coming to us from other PT’s. Folks who either aren’t making progress or have injured themselves. Get the basics right and the rest follows. To get from A-Z there’s a whole lot of letters – you can’t skip them, or you’ll never learn to use them properly and exercise is just the same – no matter what guff you’ve been told by ‘tinternet.

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