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No-one is Fit, everyone is Unfit.

The first thing anyone thinks of when they see a sport they don’t take part in or try a challenging exercise routine for the first time is, God!!! I am so unfit, I can’t do it!

This is nonsense! Not a single person in the whole world is fit.

The word fit is an adjective meaning, suited to circumstance, or to put it another way, you are Fit for purpose. Usain Bolt for example, holder of the fastest 100 Metres sprint time, ever. Was he unfit when he broke the world record? No? what if, when training for the Olympics, he ran a marathon? He wouldn’t even finish, would he still be classed as fit?

Similarly, Bradley Wiggins, winner of the Tour De France, a very physically demanding cycling challenge, stated that he wasn’t fit enough to play rugby league and it was a tougher challenge than cycling.

This being said, if all you are currently fit for, is to eat cheese balls on the sofa then that’s not a great place to be, but your body is wonderful and if you want to change what it’s fit for, it will do the best it can to make that happen for you.

Change is always possible, no matter your current circumstances, you will always be able to change your shape to fit into a new block. Don’t let a word stop you becoming better or different!

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