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From Couch to Competitor: Embrace Your Unique Fitness Journey

This weeks blog post is for all those who are thinking about making a change to become more physically active but who maybe feel a little daunted by the prospect. Everyone has the potential to improve and there are no magic formulae to getting fit other than recongizing where you are in your fitness journey and taking steps appropriate to your capabilities. Before very long you won't recognize yourself!

A walking path start sign in the woods
Start where you are, not where you think you should be. Photo Courtey of Eilis Garvey Unsplash

The first thing anyone thinks of when they see a sport they don’t take part in or try a challenging exercise routine for the first time is, "God! I am so unfit, I can’t do it!"

However, this is an oversimplification. Fitness is not an all-or-nothing state but rather a spectrum that varies depending on the specific activity and individual. The term "fit" generally refers to being physically capable and healthy, but what it means to be fit can vary widely.

For instance, Usain Bolt, the fastest sprinter in the world, is exceptionally fit for short-distance running. If he were to attempt a marathon without specific training, he might struggle, but this doesn’t mean he is unfit; it simply means his fitness is specialized. Similarly, Bradley Wiggins, a Tour de France winner, is highly fit for cycling, but he might find rugby league challenging due to its different physical demands.

Everyone has different fitness levels depending on their activities and training. If your current fitness level only allows you to comfortably relax on the sofa, that might not be ideal for overall health, but it doesn't mean you can't improve. Your body is adaptable and capable of change.

With the right effort and training, you can improve your fitness to better match your goals.

Don’t let a single perception of the word "fit" discourage you. Fitness is personal and changeable, and you have the potential to improve no matter your starting point.

If you fancy starting out on a fitness journey but don't know where to start, why not pop along to one of our free Friday evening orientation sessions at Myokinetics with Luke from 6-7pm. The course operates on a 4-weekly rolling basis and covers all aspects of using gym equipment to do a full body workout covering upper body (push and pull),lower body, core and cardio.

The sessions are relaxed and good natured and by the end you'll be better able to exercise than most folk you'll find in any corporate gym! You can find more information on the orientation sessions here, and if you want to come along please drop us an email using the same link and we'll book you on to the next available session.

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