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Unlocking the Depths: The Importance of Booking a Specialized Deep Tissue Massage

Updated: Feb 12

This weeks blog is written by Paul McAvoy founder of Myokinetics Peak Performance and Rehab Centre. Read on if you want to save yourself money booking a deep tissue massage in or around the Chester area. Or anywhere else for that matter.

A fist punchesa through water
A fist punches through water. As in the very best deep tissue massage...

Introduction: why guidance on getting specialist deep tissue massage is needed

The team at Myokinetics has been providing a range of massage services to the people of Chester since 2008. As the companies founder, I had the ‘privilege’ of completing my massage training on one of Chester’s largest residents at the time. Lukas Gabris, a professional bodybuilder, was (and still is) over 6 feet tall and covered in thick slabs of meat from the base of his neck to the soles of his feet.

On completion of my training Lukas became a regular client. Suffice to say some of those massage treatments were the toughest, longest and most brutal experiences either of us had ever experienced. However the effect of this ‘trial by muscle’ was the development of the skills and knowledge; and the acquisition of the tools required; to work deeply when deep work was required. Hint: with a professional bodybuilder, it is always required.

This experience, plus the feedback of many clients lamenting the wasted money spent on massage prior to finding Myokinetics, has led me to understand that when it comes to massage therapy, not all sessions are created equal. If you're seeking the intense, targeted relief of deep tissue massage, it's crucial to choose a therapist or studio with specialized expertise in this modality. In this article, we'll explore why booking a deep tissue massage from a practitioner with regular experience in this technique is essential for achieving optimal results.

Why Not All Massages Are Created Equal:

While various massage styles offer unique benefits, it's important to understand that not every massage therapist is proficient in deep tissue work. Studios offering Thai massage, sports massage, relaxation, or regular massage services may not have the specific training and experience required for effective deep tissue treatments.

The Role of Skill and Regular Practice for Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage demands a level of skill and precision that goes beyond the basics of general massage. Practitioners specializing in deep tissue techniques undergo extensive training and have regular practice in this modality. This regular exposure allows them to refine their skills and stay attuned to the specific needs of clients seeking deep tissue relief. Trigger pointing and the ability to maintain intense levels of pressure on a small area of tissue are just two of the essential skills required of a deep tissue massage therapist.

Tools of the Massage Trade: Neuromuscular Therapy Bars:

A seasoned deep tissue therapist often employs specialized tools such as Neuromuscular Therapy Bars. These tools are designed to facilitate deep, targeted pressure on muscles and tissues, allowing the therapist to reach areas of tension that traditional massage techniques may not address. The use of such tools showcases the therapist's commitment to providing comprehensive and effective deep tissue work.

Understanding the Pain-Relief Paradox:

Deep tissue massage is renowned for its effectiveness in relieving chronic tension and pain. However, it's important to note that the process will be uncomfortable and likely painful at times. A skilled deep tissue practitioner possesses the ability to moderate and modulate the intensity of the massage, ensuring that the client experiences the necessary discomfort for mobilizing and treating deep-seated tension while avoiding unnecessary distress. A deep tissue massage will hurt, and it will probably be sore for a few days afterwards, however it should not be an experience in pain for pain's sake.

As already stated, a skilled deep tissue massage therapist will hurt where the hurt is needed. They will work with you to get the maximum results possible according to your tolerance for deep tissue work. If there is little to no pain in the deep tissue massage that you've experienced there is either nothing wrong with the tissues worked, or your therapist is not performing deep tissue massage.


If you're seeking the profound benefits of deep tissue massage, it's imperative to choose a therapist or studio with a demonstrated proficiency in this specialized technique. By selecting a practitioner with regular practice, experience, and the use of tools like Neuromuscular Therapy Bars, you can ensure that your deep tissue massage is not only effective but tailored to your specific needs. Myokinetics in Chester is the only local studio that you can be assured of receiving an effective deep tissue massage. The knowledge that I gained way back when with Lukas has been passed on to Luke and Steph. Both of who have received training in effective deep tissue massage. They have also gone on to develop their own skillsets for the provision of deep tissue massage that works.

You can never completely guarantee the effect of any massage treatment. Sometimes releif from discomfort requires sports massage. Sometimes Thai massage hits the spot. Massage may not be the answer at all and remedial exercise and stretching is required. But if you book a deep tissue massage from any of the Myokinetics therapists named here, we can confidently state that you will find no better deep tissue massage in or around Chester.

Remember, the road to relief may be paved with some discomfort, but in the hands of a skilled deep tissue therapist, the results can be transformative.

If you want to book a deep tissue massage with one of out therapists you can do so by booking here.

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