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Estanis Berbegal

Sports Therapist & Coach

Estanis is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist and BSc (Hons) Sports Injury Rehabilitator graduated from Wrexham Glyndwr University. 


Estanis, unsurprisingly, shares many of the same qualities as the rest of our therapists. He has a lifelong and enduring passion for health, well-being and physical fitness. He has personal experience of pushing his body to the limit and a profound understanding of the negative impact that faulty thinking and faulty movement can have on both athletic and general fitness goals. These formative experiences led him into personal training and from there to sports injury rehabilitation.

He has previously competed in two bodybuilding shows and has a preference for old school training with a balanced mix of cardio and weights. That said he wouldn't be at Myokinetics if he wasn't capable of making you work harder than you ever thought possible with nothing more than a physio band! His favourite exercise is the squat and all its variations so expect full range of motion and gains in strength, mobility, endurance and (if it's what you want) gainz.


He is currently training and competing in triathlons, having completed the Cheshire Triathlon and the Ellesmere Triathlon in 2023. He loves helping runners, cyclists and swimmers to be pain free and perform their best. 


Estanis is currently available at Myokinetics for personal training, coaching, sports massage therapy and injury rehab so check his availability and book online at your leisure. Despite his background in bodybuilding and fitness and the old school ‘no pain no gain’ mentality prevalent therein, Estanis is sensitive, controlled and has an intuitive awareness of how to apply just enough pressure for the results that clients are after. This skill marks the difference between an average and a great therapist and Estanis is one of the latter.

Estanis Berbegal
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