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Luke Woolgar

Sports Therapist & Coach

Luke Woolgar is a man of many talents whose journey to Myokinetics brought him, as it has most of us, via his own struggle to rehabilitate a number of lifelong physical conditions.

Having recognised that only by taking full personal responsibility for making the change from a painful to a pain-free life, he has developed the same profound understanding of how relief from chronic pain can be possible as have all Myokinetics therapists. So having trained in the Myokinetics method of physical therapy Luke is fully qualified to support and assist our clients in their journeys away from pain and towards functional fitness.

But beyond being boss at what he does, Luke brings knowledge and experience from his experience as a competitive bodybuilder. On that point he also brings size and lots of it... Luke currently holds the title of Myokinetics largest therapist. So, if he can’t get into your tightest tissues he can always just stand on them!

Not only does he compete, he possesses an entrepreneurial bent providing online coaching, running a cafe and an on-line clothing brand, which helps to fill up his spare time..

Luke Woolgar
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