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Paul McAvoy

Sports Therapist & Coach

The founder of Myokinetics, came to sports therapy quite by chance having decided to take an opportunity to escape the senior managment hamster wheel afforded by the global recession before it was too late! He provides sports massage, coaching and fitness instruction and our injury assessment services. If you're nice to him he may also help you set up an effective training and lifting programme based on keeping you fit and active over the long term rather than having big biceps...

Having come to the industry by accident it turns out, his over 30 year involvement in exercise and sports, ranging from martial arts and weight lifting to marathon, cycling and triathlon gave him a firm, intuitive and thorough understanding of the body, the muscular system and how it works. Paul, a qualified VTCT Massage Therapist, has worked with bodybuilders, dancers, professional golfers, tri-athletes, martial artists and many more and has seen Myokinetics quickly become a trusted and respected massage therapy service throughout West Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales. The service is currently used by athletes to maintain and improve their performance and by private individuals looking to relieve muscular and myofascial pain.

Clients come to ‘Mr Torture’, as some have called him, because of his ability to get deep into stubborn tissues. While not always the most pleasant experience in the world, in the majority of cases relief from pain and subsequent performance improvement comes within one or two sessions.

Paul McAvoy
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